Women and Climate Change Guide

March is Women’s History Month — the perfect time to celebrate and honor the role of women in climate action! Gender inequality negatively impacts women and girls all over the world, but did you know that it also has a negative impact on the Earth?


Even though women and girls face disproportionate challenges, they still show up to fight for a cleaner, greener Earth as scientists, activists, artists, and educators. As a teacher, you know how important it is to bring the stories of women and climate change into the classroom to help empower your students!

Lessons By Teachers

Explore our collection of ready-to-use lesson plans, created by teachers like you, that aim to educate students on the significance of empowering women as a means to combat climate change.


Comprehensive Unit Plans

Use our multi-lesson unit plans to teach students about the role of women in environmental and climate action.

Credible Teaching Resources

Utilize these engaging resources that show how women are involved in tackling climate change to initiate important discussions about gender equity, girls' education, and climate activism in your classroom. 

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Blogs For Teachers

Learn how to integrate our women and climate resources into your daily lessons.

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Girls' Education and Climate Change

While they may not seem to be connected, girls' education and climate change are intrinsically linked. In fact, they are far more related than many of us realize.

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Climate Change Lab Activities

Women are often under-represented in STEM fields. Help to challenge that narrative by incorporating lab activities into your classroom to help inspire a future generation of scientists and engineers.

News for Students

Share women's achievements in environmental and climate action using our news articles tailored for different reading levels. 

Social Media

Stay informed on current events

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Professional Learning

Professional development courses, workshops, and more.

ClimateSocrates Articles 

Climate science articles written in collaboration with MIT.

Discover credible learning opportunities designed to deepen your climate change knowledge and equip you with best practices for teaching about climate change.

ClimateSocrates Help Desk provides teachers with supplementary sources on climate change topics and pedagogical strategies directly from the resource or lesson plan page they are viewing.

Next Steps

The resources in this guide will help you teach your students about the crucial role that educating girls plays in fighting climate change, the importance of empowering women in the climate movement, and the ways that regular girls and women impact their communities and the environment every day! Resources span grades K-12 and cover a variety of academic subjects. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive standards-aligned lesson plan, a quick video, or a pedagogical article for yourself, you will be able to find it here or check out our other guides, popular blogs, and blog series below!