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Aviation Greenwashing Fact Sheet - Hydrogen Flight

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  • This fact sheet debunks common greenwashing techniques in the aviation industry related to hydrogen flight. 
Teaching Tips


  • Teaching your students how to see through greenwashing is one of the best gifts you can give them.
  • The infographic on p. 2 very clearly shows the limited potential of hydrogen aircraft.

Additional Prerequisites

  • This is part of a series of greenwashing fact sheets from Stay Grounded.
  • Stay Grounded is a Europe-based network of groups aiming to reduce emissions from aviation.


  • In English class, students could research print and video marketing materials from aircraft manufacturers to spot greenwashing related to hydrogen-powered flight. Student could share materials with the rest of the class while playing "Spot the Greenwash."
  • In economics class, students could research the cost-benefit analysis of investing in hydrogen-powered aircraft.
  • You could also share this video that explains greenwashing and how to see through greenwashing.
  • Other greenwashing fact sheets from Stay Grounded include efficiency improvements, electric flight, biofuels, and synthetic electro-fuels.
Scientist Notes
The resource highlights the potentials of hydrogen aircraft and how they can transform the aviation industry. There is need for a just transition off fossil fuels and the potential of harnessing hydrogen-powered flights is a new technology to help reduce our carbon footprint in the coming decades. This resource is recommended for teaching.
  • English Language Arts
    • Reading: Science & Technical Subjects (6-12)
      • 11-12.RST.10 By the end of grade 12, read and comprehend science/technical texts in the grades 11-CCR text complexity band independently and proficiently.
  • Social Sciences
    • Economics: Global Economy (9-12)
      • HS.24 Explain how current globalization trends and policies affect economic growth, labor markets, labor conditions, human rights, the environment, and resource and income distribution in different nations.
    • Economics: National Economy (9-12)
      • HS.16 Use economic indicators to analyze the current and future state of the economy.
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