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Cinzah Merkens


6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Visual and Performing Arts

Resource Type

  • Artwork

Regional Focus

South and Central America

"Coral Gardener"

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  • This mural in Grenada depicts the positive efforts in the Caribbean islands to restore the oceans. 
  • The woman in the painting is dressed in Grenadian colors and is shown swimming through the ocean to bring back life to it. 
Teaching Tips


  • This artwork presents positive climate action.
  • The resource lists four ideas for how students can take action to help save coral reefs.

Additional Prerequisites

  • The artist's statement at the bottom of the page features background information about the mural.
  • This resource will be most effective if students are already familiar with ocean restoration and coral reef conservation.


  • This could be used as a hook in a science class after which students could further research actions taken in the Caribbean and around the world to help protect our oceans.
  • Students outside the region where this resource is focused could identify positive actions that can be adopted to rejuvenate the oceans near them.
  • Act classes could use this resource to inspire students to create their own climate change-related art.
  • Other resources include this video about saving coral reefs and this video about coral reefs in Tobago.
Scientist Notes
The resource portrays an artwork that can inspire students to explore and design local strategies to mitigate climate change's impact on marine ecosystems. This is recommended for teaching.
  • Arts
    • Visual Arts: Standard 6 - Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.
      • VA.6.PR3.HS1 2. Make, explain, and justify connections between artists or artworks and social, cultural, and political history.
    • Visual Arts: Standard 8 - Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
      • VA.8.RE2.8 1. Interpret art by analyzing how the interaction of subject matter, formal art elements, composition, use of media, art-making approaches, and relevant contextual information contributes to understanding messages or ideas and mood conveyed.
      • VA.8.RE2.HS1 2. Orally or in writing interpret an artwork or collection of works, supported by relevant and sufficient evidence found in the work and its various contexts.
    • Visual Arts: Standard 10 - Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences through art.
      • VA.10.CO1.HS3 3. Examine and explain the impact of an artist or a group of artists on society’s beliefs, values, and behaviors.
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