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Photo by Rich Smith via Unsplash

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Art Works for Change


6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Visual and Performing Arts

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Footing the Bill: Art and Our Ecological Footprint (2020)

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  • This exhibition from 2020 features 38 artist galleries related to climate change and the environment.
  • Artist galleries feature multiple works of art, accompanying text, links to more information, and the opportunity to pledge to take climate action.
Teaching Tips


  • There are so many wonderful artist galleries, and each one is unique.

Additional Prerequisites

  • There are five icons for exploring the artist galleries: delve, learn, interpret, reflect, and act. The icons help guide you as you scroll through each artist gallery.
  • Once you click into an artist gallery, there are left and right arrows in the top right to help you navigate through the galleries.
  • If you check any of the pledge boxes at the bottom of an artist gallery under "Featured Actions," you can share that pledge to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.


  • Art students could choose one artist to study. Students could research the artist's motivation and background and analyze one of their pieces.
  • This resource could be used for social-emotional learning by focusing on the emotions represented in and evoked by the artwork.
  • Art students could gather textile waste to create works of art in the style of Guerra de la Paz.
  • Your students could explore the gallery by taking one of five featured tours.
  • Students can also explore the 2015 exhibition of the same name.
Scientist Notes
These galleries identify key environmental problems arising from oil exploration and resource exploitation and present a plan for sustainable resource management. This is recommended for teaching.
  • Arts
    • Visual Arts: Standard 8 - Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
      • VA.8.RE2.HS1 2. Orally or in writing interpret an artwork or collection of works, supported by relevant and sufficient evidence found in the work and its various contexts.
    • Visual Arts: Standard 10 - Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences through art.
      • VA.10.CO1.HS3 3. Examine and explain the impact of an artist or a group of artists on society’s beliefs, values, and behaviors.
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